How Bright Is Your World?



If your world isn’t as colourful as it could be, try this little task and it might just change your life!

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I never knew the power of my thoughts until I did this little exercise. When I stopped to check in with how I was going in my life, I realised that the world around me was created solely by the way I saw it. And I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to see this. I am hoping I can do the same for you. I have included PDF worksheets below where you can write down all your answers. Make sure you keep worksheet 2, but once you have completed the exercise it is very important to get rid of worksheet 1 :)


I mean really see yourself? I want your most honest answers. No one has to read what you write except you and for this to work you need to be honest with your self. What negative words do you tell yourself every single day. Do you subconsciously put yourself down? You will need to get it all out on the page good or bad for this to work properly. So take 5 minutes to write down all those negative words that float around in your thoughts on worksheet 1 below.

I will start. When I first did this task I wrote words like “I am incompetent, not smart, not pretty, insignificant, I have no confidence, I’m always last, I’m not professional enough, I don’t fit in, I’m not trendy enough, actually I’m not enough in general”. I would even say these things to myself subconsciously and worst of all I would allow myself to do so.

Once you have your list, let’s take a minute now to really feel the energy of the words you have written. If you have written all positive words, I am whole heartedly so proud of you - well done! But, if you are like me and have lots of negative words written in your list then keep on reading :)

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When I recognised the words I had been telling myself and the views I had of me as a person - I . could . not . believe . what . I . had . written! How could I be so cruel. This was not me! Those words made me feel sad, upset, my chest felt heavy and I hated how the world looked from that place.

Now, in your current state, I want you to picture a little five-year-old sitting on a chair in front of you right now. Picture that child as YOUR five-year-old self. I want you to see if you can say all those things you tell yourself (written in your list) to that small child sitting in front of you. I want you to look into their innocent little eyes and tell them that when they grow up they are going to be dumb, insignificant, ugly, they won’t fit in, they won’t be trendy, they wont be enough. Can you?? I could not. How can you look at your five-year-old self and tell them this is what they will grow up to be? This was my penny drop moment :)

No! Instead, I wanted to tell my 5 year old self how creative she is, and how many people she will make happy including herself. How she helps and inspires and uplifts those around her. How she taught herself all the ins and outs of her very own business. How clever is she! She is never afraid to learn more or work hard and she loves her family more than life itself. I want to tell her how she will become a Mum to a beautiful baby boy and how much she has grown by becoming a Mother. How amazing she is now and always will be. But, most importantly how proud I am of her for all that she does in her life.


Is this the same for you? I hope it is. I hope that you take a minute now to understand the bigger picture from this little exercise. That list of negative words is just that and they do not serve you or make your world any brighter by being in your thoughts. So when you feel the time is right, release all of those negative thoughts from your head by destroying your list. Rip it up, burn it, burry it in your back yard :) Whatever it takes go for it! This is your time to realise they are only words and you choose not to tell yourself them anymore!

When you tell yourself negative thoughts and feelings, the world around you will reflect what you think. So how can you find beauty when all you see inside your head is ugliness? How can you see the value in others when you don’t even see the value in you? How can you truly love those around you when you do not know love because you don’t love yourself?

One of my most favourite quotes is this -

”We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Anais Nin

Ask yourself this. When was the last time you told yourself something positive about you? Something you are proud of yourself for, something that you love of your personality. Now imagine how you will see the world with your new perception looking through this new lens.

To conclude this little exercise, download worksheet 2 and go and take 5 minutes now to write down all the positive words you can that describes you as a person. Even if you don’t truly believe them now, still write them down. Kind, loving, caring, strong, adventurous, creative, humble, talented, enough! The more positive thoughts you have, the more your world will look brighter, and you never know you might just begin to believe those positive words you write! Because I believe them for you!


Download your PDF worksheets below :)

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