A  L I T T L E  A B O U T  M E

A wanderer and collector 

Photography by my beautiful friend Michelle York

Hi there! My name is Taylah and it is so nice to meet you :)

I would love to be sitting down with you right now listening to your stories and watching how you connect with your family. Of course enjoying a nice cuppa and in a relaxed environment. I live for authentic, candid moments!

To give you a little behind the scenes - above any other role I play, I am a Wife and a Muma. My family are my life and I love to spend as much time with them as I can! But, when they drive me a little too crazy - everyone needs a passion right? - and mine allows me to go on adventures and share in precious memories, documenting and recording as I go!

I learnt the value of memories from a young age when my beautiful Nan was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease. Having the ability to record moments in time to relive again and again fills my heart, and I never want to forget the moments in my life. So I have incorporated my love into my work as a Lifestyle Photographer, so that I can help those around me collect their memories too!

I would love to wander with you and discover your family magic! If you would like this too please get in touch. I can not wait to collect your family memories <3

A little more about me...


Our life is measured by the memories we share and all that we have to record them are photographs.

Taylah Hudson


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