A  L I T T L E  A B O U T  M E

A wanderer and collector 

Photography by my beautiful friend Michelle York

Hi! My name is Taylah Hudson :) 

I am a wanderer at heart and a collector of many unusual things ( I will get back to this ). But above all, I am a wife and a mumma and I love spending as many moments with my family as possible! Because, let’s face it… That’s what life is all about!

I love to collect photographs, tea cups and I have piles of magazines around our home - much to my husbands protest - but I always look for inspiration in the world around me and I live for the real moments and raw stories!  

Photography for me is a way to capture memories! It is all about remembering the little details, the love shared and the fun that’s had amongst family and friends! I specialise in lifestyle photography and love to wander with you on your adventures. I will collect all those magical moments so you can look back on them forever!

A little more about me...


Our life is measured by the memories we share and all that we have to record them are photographs.

Taylah Hudson


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